At Thomas Park MD & Associates, we increase the quality of life through data-driven results when providing behavioral health treatment through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), diagnostic testing, psychiatric care, therapeutic care (speech and occupational therapy), and psychological care that all follow evidenced practices.

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What is ABA?

ABA is our newest addition to Thomas Park MD & Associates. This is an evidence based and intensive behavioral support program that is individualized to your child’s needs. ABA uses developmental assessments to measure areas that are barriers to learning and independent living skills. A Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) creates an individualized plan to address these barriers found in the assessment (both developmentally and behaviorally). Behavior plans are set to address behavior that are barriers to learning, and the child is taught appropriate replacement behaviors. There is no blanket system for ABA, no program, Intervention, or goals look the same from child-to-child. We work with the families, school personal, and others who may be involved with your child’s life to ensure the most collaborative and individualized approach to your child’s therapy.

How ABA therapy works at Thomas Park MD & Associates?

One unique part of our program is that we are able to work directly with a team of people from all areas of your child’s life. We have a psychologist who can provide assessments for diagnosis, a Psychiatrist who can help with medication management, and a BCBA who can create the behavior plan, work with the Psychiatrist to measure the effects of the medication or medication changes through the behavior programming data collected.

Autism Services at Thomas Park MD & Associates

For Autism Services we provide:

Insurance Coverage

Thomas Park MD & Associates are excited to be able to offer TMS treatment to its clents. We participate in most insurance plans to reduce costs for our patients. Most patients will pay less for their care than the cost of psychiatric medications.

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